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Wellbeing Is The Foundation of Employee Engagement by Rajiv Kumar, M.D.

Open any business magazine, scroll through any human resources group on LinkedIn, or navigate to any industry blog, and you’re bound to see the same two words: employee engagement. It’s a long-standing corporate obsession, understood as fundamental to worker productivity, retention, and overall business performance. Yet, despite its importance, employee engagement rates remain low. A […]

American Journal of Health Promotion Papers of the Year for 2016

What do athletes, actors, writers and health promotion researchers share in common? Well, many things, but foremost they put themselves out there in the interest of creativity, discovery and an avid search for excellence. As leaders they sometimes need to bear the indignities of critics and arm chair quarterbacks, but that’s a small price for […]

Tracking the Spread and Influence of Best Practices

Authored by Beth Umland, Partner and Director of Research, Health & Benefits, Mercer Beth Umland is Director of Research for Mercer’s Health & Benefits (H&B) business. Beth and her staff oversee all survey research produced by the H&B business, including Mercer’s flagship National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. She is also a core member of […]

Can Technology Drive Engagement in Wellness Programs?

Authored by Marquinta ‘Que’ Harvey, Bio-Statistical Researcher, Onlife Health As a Bio-Statistical Researcher at Onlife Health and Doctoral Student at Middle Tennessee State University, Marquinta Harvey develops and tests outcome measures and strategies for improving outcome measures for all stakeholders, as well as conducts research studies for external and internal audiences. She also teaches epidemiology […]

Letter from Wes Alles, Stanford University

Below is a letter from Wes Alles of Stanford University, a HERO member. The letter extends a kind offer to all HERO members for collaboration around our vision that all workplaces will positively influence the health and well-being of employees, families and communities. Dear friends and colleagues of HERO, Toward the end of the Think Tank meeting, […]

HERO Industry Research Review: Effective Physical Activity Strategies for Improving Worker Health

HERO Reviewer: Gregg M. Gascon, PhD, Advanced Analytics Consultant, Ohio State University Health Plan This industry research review departs from past practice by examining two studies rather than one. This approach is appropriate in the current context due to the nature of the focal study: a systematic review of workplace interventions for reducing sitting at […]

Deconstructing Organizational Support

Authored by, Tatiana Shnaiden, M.D., Chief Analytics Officer, HealthFitness Tatiana brings over 15 years of experience in health care analytics. Prior to joining HealthFitness she served as vice president of value optimization for ActiveHealth Management, evaluating health management and clinical decision support. She holds a master’s degree in biostatistics from New York Medical College School of […]