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HERO Briefs by Paul Terry (March 2017)

Major changes are afoot in national health care policy and, as our recent HERO Think Tank in San Antonio attested, employer-led health and well-being is also in a transformative era. Happily, the “voice of the employee” we deliberated about is being met with much more enthusiasm and consensus than the ACA replacement bills. So these […]

Reaching the Hardest to Reach: Proceedings (2) from HERO’s 2017 Winter Think Tank on The Employee Experience

Panel: Andy Crighton, MD, Prudential; Kerry Mitchell, PhD, Moxy Solutions; and Pauline Dow, EdD, Independent San Antonio School System.  On February 23-24, HERO members gathered in San Antonio, Texas for our Winter Think Tank on the topic of “The Employee Experience.” We opened this session of our Think Tank discussions with what we anticipated would […]

What do Award Winning Actors and Health Promotion Research have in Common?

What do athletes, actors, writers and health promotion researchers share in common? Well, many things, but foremost they put themselves out there in the interest of creativity, discovery and an avid search for excellence. As leaders, they sometimes need to bear the indignities of critics and armchair quarterbacks, but that’s a small price for those […]

Sara Johnson, Jessica Grossmeier named Co-Editors of The Art & Science of Health Promotion

South Kingstown, RI and Waconia, MN (February 2, 2017)—Sara Johnson, Ph.D., and Jessica Grossmeier, Ph.D., MPH, have been named co-editors of The Art & Science of Health Promotion (TAHP). TAHP is a special section of the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP), a leading scientific periodical produced by SAGE for research that advances healthy behaviors […]

HERO Briefs by Paul Terry (January 2017)

Paul’s Five Workplace Health Promotion Predictions for 2017 (and two New Year’s Resolutions) My first prediction for 2017 is such a no-brainer that I’m not going to count it against the five others dispersed throughout this month’s HERO Brief. That is, the pace of change in our field will continue to accelerate. That’s why I’m […]

SAGE Publishing names Paul Terry editor in chief of the American Journal of Health Promotion

WACONIA, MN (January 5, 2017) — SAGE Publishing announced today that Paul Terry, Ph.D., has been named editor in chief of the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJPH), a leading scientific periodical for research that advances healthy behaviors and communities domestically and globally. Terry will succeed Michael O’Donnell, Ph.D., who was founder of AJHP and […]

Proceedings for the 2016 HERO Forum now available.

We fully appreciate the thought-provoking and consciousness raising power of delivering an intensive learning experience such as we just offered September 26th through 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. There were over 500 attendees and their evaluations of HEROForum16 reflected the insights, optimism and enthusiasm typified by health promotion professionals and business leaders investing in health and […]

How Might Positive Psychology Principles Change the Practice of Health Promotion? By Paul Terry

In this month’s Issue of The Health Promotion Practitioner I wrote about the welcomed new influence positive psychology principles can have on our field though I cautioned against over-reliance on any one approach to understanding and predicting behavior change. I noted that Pharrell Williams might have been singing an ode to my hometown of Waconia, […]