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A First Look at Quantitative Outcomes Data from the HERO Scorecard

Authored by Beth Umland; Director of Research, Mercer Most organizations that invest time and money in an initiative want to be able to evaluate how well the initiative is meeting objectives – and how the results they achieve compare with similar efforts by other organizations. This has proven difficult in the field of employee health […]

HERO Briefs by Jessica Grossmeier (August 2017)

HERO Summer Research Meeting Proceedings: Advancing Systemic Approaches to Mental and Emotional Well-being Each summer HERO convenes a meeting of Think Tank members and invited special guests to inform the ongoing advancement of HERO’s research agenda. Our June 7th meeting provided a brief update on HERO’s research activities, including research studies in progress or in […]

Proceedings HERO 2017 Summer Think Tank

Advancing Systemic Approaches to Mental and Emotional Well-being By Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH June 6th, 2017, Minneapolis Hilton Seminal HERO research demonstrates that stress and depression are two of the most costly health issues at a population level. For years the health promotion industry has responded with individualistic approaches in the form of stress management […]

HERO Briefs by Paul Terry (May 2017)

Do you to want to be successful or just get lucky? Well, if you read Roman philosophy you know that preparation plus opportunity produces luck. (Seneca, 65 AD)  If your perspective is more in line with NASCAR fans, these same elements define success. (Bobby Unser, 1981) No matter your goals, HERO has you covered in […]

Leading Health Promotion Book is available for Free to HERO Members (Pay it forward!)

HERO is delighted to announce that the Art and Science of Health Promotion Institute is making the book: Health Promotion in the Workplace, 5th edition (O’Donnell, 2017) available in PDF form for free. This 700+ reference text normally sells for $99.95. Access the book at: You can download the PDF at no charge or […]

The Right Mix of Strategies for Participation in Health and Well-being Programs

Authored by Elissa Rosenbaum CEBS; Senior Associate, Total Health Management, Mercer   Companies and consultants alike are always searching for the next “silver bullet” that will drive employee participation, asking questions such as: How much incentive money is needed to increase participation in programs? How do we engage our leaders to promote our programs when […]

HERO Briefs by Jessica Grossmeier (April 2017)

HERO members value opportunities to stay abreast of the latest thinking and best practices in the field, and look to HERO for collaboration and professional development opportunities. Read on and mark your calendar for upcoming events, The HERO Summer Think Tank and Research Meeting and the fall HERO Forum. After reviewing the line-up of speakers, […]

Wellbeing Is The Foundation of Employee Engagement by Rajiv Kumar, M.D.

Open any business magazine, scroll through any human resources group on LinkedIn, or navigate to any industry blog, and you’re bound to see the same two words: employee engagement. It’s a long-standing corporate obsession, understood as fundamental to worker productivity, retention, and overall business performance. Yet, despite its importance, employee engagement rates remain low. A […]

HERO Briefs by Paul Terry (March 2017)

Major changes are afoot in national health care policy and, as our recent HERO Think Tank in San Antonio attested, employer-led health and well-being is also in a transformative era. Happily, the “voice of the employee” we deliberated about is being met with much more enthusiasm and consensus than the ACA replacement bills. So these […]

The Voice of the Customer: Proceedings (1) from HERO’s 2017 Winter Think Tank on The Employee Experience

SME Panel: Rick Johnson, J.D. Power and Associates; Dana Hyatt, Customer Experience Professionals Association HERO Member Panel: Patty Ann Hawes, RN, MS, BSN, COHN, National Security Agency; Patty Purpur de Vries, MS, Stanford University; Shelly Wolff, Willis Towers Watson On February 23-24, HERO members gathered in San Antonio, Texas for our Winter Think Tank on […]