May 2024 Briefs

Last week, HERO members and guests were part of our Spring Think Tank, under the direction of Dr. Jessica Grossmeier, HERO Senior Fellow – Education. HERO members can find the slides and recordings in the HERO Hub Member Resources.

This Think Tank has prepared us for October 7-9, when we will reconvene at HERO Forum24 on “Change at the Speed of Trust: Belongingness as a Gateway to Healthier Cultures.” HERO Senior Fellow Dr. Paul Terry has invited yet another stellar cast to explore belonging and trust as key factors impacting mental and physical health, life satisfaction, and finding meaning in work.

The Fall Think Tank (October 7) will cover “Lifestyle, Environment, and Pharmacological Interventions for Obesity: How Employers Can Strike the Right Balance Amid the GLP-1 Craze” with HERO Senior Research Fellow Dr. Sara Johnson in the lead. On October 9, Healthcare and University leaders will have an opportunity for networking with peers and industry-specific learning.

Before you dive into summer plans, register to join us for these learning and networking meetings in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, October 7-9.

If October is too far off, we’re launching a research committee initiative on the impact of unmet social needs on belongingness in the workplace. Read on for more information.




A note about the photo:
As the HERO team pondered a visual depiction of “flourishing,” I immediately recalled this painting, an original watercolor by my late cousin, Ruth Weldon Bickett. Ruth was quirky and complex, hilarious and charming, kind and giving, irreverent and rebellious. She believed fiercely in social justice and loathed those who sought to accumulate power at the expense of the weak. Ruth struggled physically and mentally for most of her life yet enjoyed immense love and connection with her sons and grandson and a community of friends and faith. She had not painted in several years. But when her sons arrived at her home after her passing, they found this single, beautiful new watercolor work. Sharing with permission from her sons.

Member Updates

Register Now, Before the Busy,

Summer Fun Begins!

October 7-9, 2024

The Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel


Enabling and supporting individual and organizational change is fundamental to the creation of healthy organizations and vibrant, sustainable cultures. Most people understand and appreciate that adapting to an ever-changing environment takes trust and teamwork. Still, we resist change if we don’t feel an abiding connection to a place, its people, or its purpose. On the other hand, that sense of organizational belongingness grows when our values are aligned behind a purpose that excites us. And when we trust in the intentions and actions of those we work with, any change seems possible.

Join your colleagues in Baltimore to discuss this and other important topics in four tracks:

  1. Best Practices and Organizational Change Management
  2. Work Redesign and Total Worker Health®
  3. Belongingness and DEI Version 2.0
  4. Measures that Matter to Employers AND Employees



More Information

With thanks to Forum24 sponsors:

 Hinge Health, Mercer, Ochsner Connected Health, and Sword Health.


2024 HERO Healthcare Summit

Championing Healthcare Workplace Safety and Well-Being: Addressing Violence, Harassment, and Mental Health

October 9, 2024

1:00 – 5:00 pm ET (Networking Lunch @12:00 pm ET)

Part of HERO Forum24


U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics found that healthcare workers are five times more likely to experience a physical attack while working than other types of workers. Workplace violence and harassment extends beyond physical injuries, also taking a toll on worker mental health and well-being, employee retention and recruitment, and overall care delivery. The 2024 HERO Healthcare Summit will explore how the workplace serves as a social determinant of health, emphasizing workforce safety, violence prevention, and worker well-being.


Registration and Information


Sponsored by:

2024 HERO University Summit:

Where You Belong.

Explore Drivers of Belonging for Faculty and Staff

in Higher Education

October 9, 2024

1:00 – 5:00 pm ET (Networking Lunch @12:00 pm ET)

Part of HERO Forum24


The 2024 HERO University Summit will explore belonging for faculty and staff within higher education organizations with emphasis on better understanding belonging, the relationship with holistic well-being, and the key drivers that can improve one’s sense of being accepted and included by those around them. Hear from experts in areas of organizational culture, teams, well-being, and inclusion on the impact of belonging within the higher education ecosystem.


Registration and Information

2024 Fall Think Tank

Lifestyle, Environmental, and Pharmacological Interventions for Obesity: How Employers Can Strike the Right Balance Amid the GLP-1 Craze

October 7, 2024

9:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

A free members-only event in conjunction with HERO Forum24


This Think Tank will explore the benefits and drawbacks of GLP-1s and similar drugs, illustrate how employers are integrating them into their health benefit offerings (or not), and delve into the opportunities to more systematically integrate lifestyle as medicine into benefit strategies as a precursor of, adjunct to, or substitute for pharmacological interventions.


Registration and Information

HERO Hub Updates: New Content

This month’s featured topic is the HERO Hub Learning Series.

This month’s featured topic is “Healthcare Systems” Here are just two of the 19 (and growing) resources available in the HERO Hub on this topic.

Would other members of your organization be interested in viewing these resources?

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First photo:

What Healthcare Can Teach Other Industries….

Second photo:

Address Both Personal and Social Determinants to Unlock….

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With summer approaching rapidly, check out the HERO Swag Store for all your summer needs! From t-shirts to keep you cool, to water bottles and duffel bags to stay well hydrated and prepared for your next outdoor adventure, we have it all!

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HERO Committees

HERO prides itself in our ability to connect science and practice through member-driven committees. All HERO members are encouraged to participate in one or more committees for the additional value accrued in the people you meet, the insights you gain, and the ability to contribute to published articles, white papers, case studies, webinars, and other tools.

What’s new with HERO committees?

Research Study Subcommittee (RSS)

Working Group on Unmet Social Needs & Belongingness

The RSS Committee has identified its next project: the impact of unmet social needs on belongingness in the workplace. A working group has met once and will begin a regular cadence of meetings next month. Deliverables will include a manuscript and other practical items such as toolkits and case studies.

Open to HERO members as a benefit of membership.


HERO Recommends

HERO Recommends

Twenty Under Forty: Some of Health Promotion’s Finest | AJHP. HERO’s Karen Moseley and Paul Terry recognize twenty young leaders in health promotion, including HERO Research Fellow Mary Imboden.

Mental health assessments play important role in employee health and well-being | Employee Benefit News. The latest article covering HERO research published in December 2023 on tools available to employers to assess workforce mental health status.

Impact Wellbeing | NIOSH | CDC. Provides evidence-informed solutions for hospital leaders to reduce burnout, sustain well-being, and build a system for thriving.

One Way to Help Employees Build Emergency Savings | HBR. Two organizations work together to address financial insecurity with a workplace-based emergency-savings program.

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