The Alliant Employee Benefits Healthy HERO Award

~Recognizing an individual’s effort fostered by your organization’s commitment to health & well-being~

Thank you for your interest in The Alliant Employee Benefits Healthy HERO Award. If an employee from your organization will be applying for the award, we ask that a member of your Employee Benefits team – who works in partnership with Alliant Employee Benefits – review the details of the award and submit the required information within this webpage no later than Friday, June 15, 2018.

Who is HERO (Health Enhancement Research Organization)?

HERO is a national leader in the advancement of health and well-being for employees, families and communities through workplace based research, education, and policy. Annually, HERO recognizes organizational leaders in well-being during their Fall Forum Event. With the addition of the Alliant Employee Benefits award, HERO will showcase an organization’s employee who exhibits the values of well-being in his/her daily life.

What is the Award/Why Should An Employee Within Your Organization Apply?

The foundation of Alliant’s health and productivity consulting approach is built on evidence-based research and best practices. Our vision is for health, well-being, and human performance to be embraced by our client organizations as a strategic imperative and as a core value of employees and their families.  Alliant Health & Productivity consultants know that if companies incorporate best practices in combination with what research shows to be successful into the well-being program design, individual behavior change can be achieved.

In the industry, there are many awards that highlight the successes of an organization’s health and well-being program.  The Alliant Employee Benefits Healthy HERO Award is designed to take that recognition a step further and reward an employee for their behavior change efforts–efforts that were supported by their organization’s evidence-based health and productivity strategy.

The Alliant Employee Benefits Healthy HERO Award will reward one employee annually. In addition, it will recognize the efforts made by the organization to build a culture of health that supports sustained behavior change in order to elevate workforce health.

Award Criteria

Many would agree that there is a connection between the mind and body. However, what’s often overlooked is that the mind – which controls belief in oneself, perception, confidence, management of stress, resiliency, etc. – is at the foundation of behavior change. New behaviors can be established (e.g. counting calories); however, it’s maintenance of the behavior that most often presents a challenge. For an individual to successfully achieve a personal health goal(s), understanding the root of their mental negativity, and/or learning how to manage stress healthfully, is critical. It is for this reason that the 2018 Alliant Healthy HERO Award will focus on mental health/stress management/resiliency goal(s).

Your Organization: For an employee within your organization to be considered for the award, the following must be in place/agreed to:

  • Be in a client relationship with Alliant Employee Benefits, including Health & Productivity services.
  • Agree to collaborate with Alliant in a video that speaks to how Alliant’s health and productivity team has helped support the development and growth of the organization’s strategy/program. (Note: Video and video content will be utilized for marketing purposes.)
  • Allow HERO to announce the organization and award winner through their marketing channels (e.g. website, Twitter, etc.).

Your Employee(s): Applicants will submit an online application via An employee applicant will be judged on the criteria listed below.

  • Participates in the organization’s health and well-being program.
  • Is not in a paid wellness manager or HR manager role.
  • Has established a mental health/stress management/resiliency goal (e.g., stress management, financial management, minimize stress eating, etc.).
  • Has utilized the EAP/Mental Health services or wellness vendor services (e.g., lifestyle coaching, stress management program, resiliency program) available through the organization’s health and productivity program to support goal achievement.
  • Has managed and/or maintained the achievement of this mental health/stress management/resiliency goal for 1-2 years.
  • Can outline how achieving this mental health/stress management/resiliency goal has helped lay the foundation or “fueled the fire” to additional healthy behaviors such as (not to be considered inclusive): tobacco cessation, healthier nutrition, increased physical activity, regular physician care, adherence to medications or chronic condition management (e.g., check blood sugar regularly).
  • Can outline in detail the “road taken” from the starting point to the endpoint achieved, and highlight what approach(es) are being used to maintain this goal.
  • (Optional) Has used their personal success to encourage/promote the organization’s health and well-being program to co-workers.
  • (Optional) Can demonstrate proof of improvements in health through a non-bias source (i.e., biometric screening, physician affidavit, letter from coach, etc.) if willing and available.
  • (Optional) Provides leadership as a volunteer wellness champion for the organization.
  • Will submit one recommendation that is one page or less in length.

Award Recognition

Your employee and organization’s health and productivity strategy will be recognized during the 2018 HERO Forum. This is HERO’s premier event; details include:

  • When: October 2 – October 4, 2018
  • Where: Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach FL
  • Recognition Event: Will take place during the HERO Awards Reception on October 2, 2018

What Your Company/Employee Award Recipient will Receive
(in addition to being awarded)

  • (2) 2018 HERO Forum Registrations (a value of $1,890) which includes:
    • Access to all general and breakout sessions throughout the 2.5 day event. The 2018 event will focus on evidence-based health and productivity research specific to:
      • Skills, Motivation, Autonomy
      • Parity in Health Promotion
      • Engaging Leaders and Champions
      • Measures for the C-Suite and the Shop Floor
      • New Ideas and New Uses for Old Ideas
      • Happiness and Well-being
    • Morning exercise classes and an organized run/walk event
    • Meals, including breakfast (3), lunch (2), and a cocktail reception
  • Access to the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa Hotel Amenities
  • Organizational recognition during the announcement/lead-in to the recipient of the award
  • Award Plaque (employee)

What we Need from YOU

As a sponsor of the well-being program, you will be asked to cover the employee’s airfare, hotel, and meals not provided through the HERO event. Alliant will award the employee a $250 gift card to be utilized for Hotel Spa Services.

Confirmation and/or agreement of the following from your organization by June 15, 2018.
(Please note that all boxes must be checked in order for your employee to be considered for this award.)


Questions regarding the award and application process can be submitted to:

Additional Information

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