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One of the ways that HERO shares its work is by publishing its research. This page shares abstracts and links to HERO studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Other published work are available in the Resources area of the HERO website.

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Influence of Incentive Design and Organizational Characteristics on Wellness Participation and Health Outcomes Oct 2020 pdf
Well-Being Factors That Predict Workplace Health and Well-Being Outcomes Feb 2020 pdf
Abstract: Condensed Article on Social Determinants of Health Jan 2020 pdf
Development and Validity of a Workplace Health Promotion Best Practices Assessment Jan 2020 pdf
Supporting a Culture of Health in the Workplace May 2018 pdf
The Next Frontier in Meaningful Use of Wearables Nov 2017 pdf
Case Studies Demonstrate Effective Use of Wearables as Part of a Broader Health and Well-being Initiative Nov 2017 pdf
Meaningful Use of Wearables as Part of Employer-Sponsored Health and Well-being Initiatives Nov 2017 pdf
Case Studies Illustrate Culture of Health Elements Nov 2017 pdf
Culture of Health Within the Workplace Nov 2017 pdf
Collaborative Approach to Defining a Culture of Health Nov 2017 pdf
Business Priorities Related to Corporate Engagement in Community Health Improvement Partnerships Nov 2017 pdf
Presenteeism According to Health Behaviors, Physical Health, and Work Environment May 2017 pdf
Consensus Response to EEOC Proposed Regulations Mar 2016 pdf
Linking Workplace Health Promotion Best Practices and Organizational Financial Performance Jan 2016 pdf
Exploring the Value Proposition for Workforce Health Jul 2015 pdf
Recasting the Value of Employee Health with a Broader Focus Jul 2015 pdf
Corporate America and Community Health May 2015 pdf
Guidance to Employers on Integrating E-Cigarettes into Tobacco Worksite Policy Mar 2015 pdf
The Predictive Validity of the HERO Scorecard in Determining Future Health Care Cost and Risk Trends Feb 2014 pdf
Biometric Health Screening for Employers Oct 2013 pdf
Self-Rated Job Performance and Absenteeism According to Employee Engagement, Health Behaviors, and Physical Health Jan 2013 pdf
Ten Modifiable Health Risk Factors are Linked to More than One-fifth of Employer-Employee Health Care Spending Nov 2012 pdf
Toward an Employee Health Management Research Agenda: What Are The Research Priorities? Jul 2012 pdf
A Review of the Knowledge Base on Healthy Worksite Culture Apr 2012 pdf
Evaluation of a Best-Practice Worksite Wellness Program in a Small-Employer Setting Using Selected Well-being Indices Apr 2011 pdf
The Impact of Worksite Wellness in a Small Business Setting Feb 2011 pdf
Effect of Lifestyle Modification and Cardiac Rehabilitation on Psychological Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and the Quality of Life Jul 2006 pdf
Cardiovascular Risk Reductions Associated with Aggressive Lifestyle Modifications and Cardiac Rehabilitation Nov 2003 pdf
A Wake Up Call for Corporate America Sep 2003 pdf
The Gender-Specific Effects of Modifiable Health Risk Factors on Coronary Heart Disease and Related Expenditures Nov 2000 pdf
The Relationship Between Modifiable Health Risks and Group-Level Health Care Expenditures Sep 2000 pdf
Projecting Future Medical Care Costs Using Four Scenarios of Lifestyle Risk Rates Sep 2000 pdf
Association Between Health Risks and Medical Expenditures Oct 1998 pdf

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