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“Health and well-being is defined as how people think, feel, and function—at a personal and social level—and how they evaluate their lives as a whole”

Source:  Healthy People 2030

The HERO Scorecard has provided guidance in helping us focus our efforts and understand where we can grow. We are very satisfied with the improvements made at this point in time, and fully expect to continue to improve our workforce health movements with HERO helping to drive these efforts.”

Wellness Manager, Arapahoe House

“The intimate HERO Think Tank format facilitates conversations among national wellness leaders – researchers, employers and subject matter experts – and provides access to comprehensive research, best practices, and practical applications. In turn, we use this wealth of information to develop innovative solutions for our clients to change organizational culture, support the individual well-being of employees, and improve business results.”

Laura N. Hoag

“The HERO Think Tank has become one of my year’s highlights – the presentations are valuable and the networking is amazing.”

Edward Framer, PhD, Health Fitness Corporation


HERO is a member-driven collaborative of employers and partners to:

  • Sustain health and well-being as a critical value to all employers ​
  • Guide informed investment decisions – be a voice of evidence and innovation​
  • Boldly vet emerging influential health and well-being topics​
  • Support our research and passionate membership to maintain a strong foundation of industry leaders​
  • Connect research and practice – make it simple, applicable, iterative and bidirectional​
  • Develop next generation health and well-being  leaders through mentorship programs, Think Tanks and our Forums​
  • Evaluate systemic health and well-being  connections; racial and health equity, social determinants of health, financial health, etc.​
  • Promote healthy cultures and communities through investment in health and well-being ​

Our Vision & Purpose

HERO Vision

All employers value health and well-being as a business imperative.

HERO Purpose

HERO connects science and practice to demonstrate the value of a health and well-being employer ecosystem.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership in HERO

  • Attend HERO Think Tank meetings three times annually – Winter, Summer, and, a Fall meeting which takes place in conjunction with the HERO Forum. These meetings are free and for members only.
  • Receive $100 Discount on an unlimited number of HERO Forum registrations.
  • Receive a one-hour consultation on the HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer©. Use your hour to gain a greater understanding on how to complete the HERO Scorecard; meet with HERO research staff and ask questions on the what, why and how of completing the HERO Scorecard; or use your time after you have completed the HERO Scorecard for HERO to interpret your results and provide guidance on next steps for your organization.
  • Receive a free custom HERO Scorecard Benchmark Report. Choose your organization size, region and industry to receive an in-depth report. Custom benchmark reports provide the aggregated responses to each question from all respondents in the US database as well as the average score for each question. Members are eligible to receive one report per membership lifetime.
  • Get exclusive password access to the HERO Members-Only Resource Center, an online library of presentations, white papers and research that has been presented at HERO Forums, Think Tank meetings, and webinars. Your organization may have an unlimited number of IDs.
  • Attend HERO Members-Only live webinars, and have access to all webinar recordings.
  • Gain industry recognition as an author (or co-author) in HERO research, studies, and educational events, through work on committees and research studies.
  • Post your organization’s open positions on the HERO job board. Get in front of the HERO audience of well-being professionals.
  • Steer the wellness industry through service and leadership on HERO committees ( HERO committee publications).
  • Work alongside Health and Well-Being (HWB) leaders and gain from their experience and insight.
  • Learn about, and offer, professional guidance to current HWB research and emergent best practices.

HERO Events

Annual HERO Forum and Think Tanks

HERO brings together a highly collaborative group of innovators working together to further the cause through committees and educational events. We host two major events: the HERO Forum and our Think Tank meetings. HERO members receive a $100 discount on Forum registration each year. Think Tank meetings take place three times annually, and are members-only events where smaller groups of around 100 Think Tank members meet to brainstorm how to tackle current issues. In this way, HERO creates a close-knit community and promotes the sharing of best practices and building relationships across the industry.

How to Become a Think Tank Member

Complete the Membership Application. If you need additional information or have questions, email us at or call 952-835-4257.

Membership Application

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