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For more information about the HERO Scorecard or the Preferred Provider program, please direct your questions to Mary Imboden.

Getting Started is Easy…

Once a Preferred Provider has executed a license agreement with HERO, HERO will send the organization a custom link to the HERO Scorecard which can be made available to their clients or members. HERO will also provide information on regularly scheduled Preferred Provider networking calls and access to the Preferred Provider Private Resource Library. The HERO Scorecard accessed using the Preferred Provider link will also be customized with a question giving respondents the option of allowing the Preferred Provider organization to see their individual HERO Scorecard responses along with their company identity. Subsequently, HERO will provide the Preferred Provider with a copy of the latest Benchmark Report and schedule them to receive future periodic Benchmark Reports as they become available. Once enough responses have been collected using the custom Preferred Provider link, HERO will send a Respondent Database that includes all of the individual responses to every question for each of the users that enter the online survey through the custom link. In order to preserve confidentiality, responses will only be provided for companies who have indicated that their information may be shared.

Database Security and Confidentiality

HERO collaborates with the consulting firm, Mercer, in the development and ongoing operation of the HERO Scorecard. As part of this collaboration, Mercer is responsible for HERO Scorecard data collection and managing the HERO Scorecard database. The HERO Scorecard questionnaire is hosted on a third-party vendor’s survey platform under Mercer’s supervision, and a copy of the database resides on Mercer’s servers. The database is secured by Mercer in the same manner as it secures its own databases containing confidential survey data. Mercer strictly limits access to the HERO Scorecard database to the staff members in its Research unit who manage the database, and their access is solely for the purpose of fulfilling obligations to licensees and Benchmark Report customers. Occasionally Mercer collaborates with HERO to conduct new data analysis that is made available to Preferred Providers through commentaries or published research reports. All individual responses to the HERO Scorecard are kept confidential and individual company results are only released from the database with the permission of the respondent.

The HERO Scorecard Preferred Provider Program –
A Way to Provide the HERO Scorecard to Your Clients

One of the fundamental goals of HERO is to promote the use of best practices and standard outcomes measurement. For this reason, we want organizations with constituencies that would benefit from easy access to the HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer© (HERO Scorecard) to have the opportunity to offer it to them directly by becoming a HERO Scorecard Preferred Provider. As a Preferred Provider, an organization is provided a custom link to the HERO Scorecard that can be promoted to a Preferred Provider’s members or clients. HERO provides responses collected from each custom link back to the Preferred Provider in a separate, independent database that can be used to conduct data analyses and research. It’s as if the Preferred Provider was fielding the HERO Scorecard, but without the administrative burden!

Preferred Provider Benefits

Each Preferred Provider organization receives:

  • A custom link to the HERO Scorecard survey which may be posted on the Preferred Provider’s website and / or distributed to Preferred Provider customers or members.
  • The Respondent database is a database of the responses of organizations accessing the HERO Scorecard through the custom Preferred Provider link. The Preferred Provider (respondent) database is updated quarterly and provided through a licensing agreement with HERO.*
  • A complete Benchmark Report with all national, industry, employer size and geographic norms, which is provided quarterly. Unlike the Benchmark Reports made available for sale, Preferred Providers receive all of the available benchmark groups consolidated into an easy-to-use Excel workbook, including a template that may be used to create a formatted report comparing any four of the benchmark groups provided. The full Preferred Provider Benchmark Report also includes a commentary that highlights findings from data analysis on the full database.*
  • Access to the exclusive Preferred Provider Private Resource Library, which contains tools and resources to support the Preferred Provider in using the HERO Scorecard with their clients.
  • Access to quarterly Preferred Provider networking calls, which allow Preferred Providers to share best practices and lessons learned about how to use the HERO Scorecard with their clients.
  • Access to exclusive Preferred Provider training resources, which provides tips for how to communicate with clients or members to promote use of the HERO Scorecard as well as how to leverage the Benchmark Reports and use client results to inform strategic planning.
  • A Preferred Provider seal that can be posted on the Preferred Provider’s website and in promotional materials on the HERO Scorecard.
  • Access to consultation on how to best leverage the HERO Scorecard with clients or members.
  • Listed as a HERO Scorecard Preferred Provider on HERO’s website and in published reports.
  • Opportunity to contribute to ongoing HERO Scorecard database analysis and commentaries, which are published on HERO’s website and in HERO Scorecard reports.


* Benchmark Reports and the Respondent Database are currently available for the U.S. version of the HERO Scorecard and will be made available for the International version once enough responses have been collected.

Currently, all tools and resources are provided in English only, and all calls are conducted in English during U.S. business hours.

What’s the value of the HERO Scorecard Preferred Provider Package to Preferred Provider organizations and their clients or members?

  • Customer relations/marketing From the employer’s perspective, the HERO Scorecard is both an educational tool and an assessment tool. By providing access to the HERO Scorecard, the Preferred Provider is positioning their organization as a consultant to their members and clients, with unique tools and insight on how to interpret and apply HERO Scorecard results.
  • Market research Learn more about Preferred Provider members or customer base by analyzing their responses to the HERO Scorecard in the aggregate. For example, Preferred Providers gain insight about their members’ greatest challenges and opportunities. Use of the HERO Scorecard with prospective members or clients can also provide a gap analysis that can be leveraged during the sales process.
  • Programmatic research Employers are hungry for solid information on health and well-being program design and related outcomes. The HERO Scorecard was designed with input from a broad and impressive panel of industry experts. Preferred
  • Providers can tap into their quarterly respondent database to conduct data analyses based on their client or member data, which can be published and shared as new insight or research on the practices associated with superior outcomes.


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