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It’s hard to stay on top of the latest research and even harder to translate some of the more complicated research studies into practical application for health and well-being programs. In 2015, members of the Research Study Subcommittee (RSS) launched a new initiative to help HERO members translate recent research into practice by writing commentaries on recently published industry research. Selected studies align with topics on the HERO Research Agenda.

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Best Practices that Drive Health & Well-being Success – A Research Comparison Feb 2022 pdf
HERO Analysis of China Hypertension RCT Study Aug 2020 pdf
HERO Guidelines for Assessing Published Research Studies May 2019 pdf
HERO Analysis of BJ’s Wholesale Club Wellness Program May 2019 pdf
Study Links Participation in Programs to Employee Retention Dec 2018 pdf
Predictors of Wellness Program Participation and Outcomes Apr 2018 pdf
Influence of Wearables plus Lifestyle Intervention on Long-term Weight Loss Nov 2016 pdf
Effective Physical Activity Strategies for Improving Worker Health Aug 2016 pdf
Safety Culture Intervention Case Study May Inform Potential Approaches to Culture of Health Interventions Apr 2016 pdf
Association Between Flourishing with Employee Behaviors, Health, and Work-Related Indicators Feb 2016 pdf
Effect of Work Environment on Using Time at Work to Exercise Oct 2015 pdf
Sleep and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Aug 2015 pdf
Perceived Workplace Health Support is Important for Understanding Health and Productivity Link May 2015 pdf
Helping Employees Internalize the Value of Health is Key to Health and Productivity Outcomes Feb 2015 pdf

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