Home_page_MembershipFinalHERO is a member-driven collaboration of employers who have workplace prevention & wellness programs for their employees (including public, private sectors, universities, health plans, health systems), providers of services to employers (employee health & well-being (HWB) providers, benefits consultants, health plans, benefits consultants, and brokers) and non-profit organizations. Many of these individuals are recognized HWB national authorities and thought leaders.

By design, the membership is small when compared to most employer-provider coalitions. HERO’s focus is to move HWB forward as a widely accepted and accurately measured strategy to enhance the health of employees and their dependents, and thereby, control health care costs, improve work performance and maximize well-being. Our vision is to improve the health of Americans through employer leadership. To learn more about HERO please click on the HERO Profile.  And if you are interested in membership please click on our Membership Application.

Become a Member

The HERO mission is to promote a healthy and high- performing workforce through evidence-based health management as a core business imperative.

The oversight for these efforts is provided through the HERO Think Tank membership.  The HERO Think Tank meets every February and September. These gatherings foster the exchange of information, best practices, relevant research and discussions centering on the issues of the day around improving the health of employees. Think Tank meetings offer an opportunity for networking, thought sharing and engagement among peers.

Think Tank member organizations are also heavily involved in HERO committee activities. Committees of representatives from member companies meet to investigate topics of importance to employers in this field. Their work includes creating information for employers across the country who are likewise interested in these subjects.

Benefits of Membership

HERO benefits of membership include, but are not limited to:

• Provide leadership and direction for a Think Tank that creates corporate strategies and national policies that position HWB as a widely accepted and accurately measured approach to increasing engagement and improving organizational and individual performance and productivity.
• Learn about and offer professional guidance to current HWB research and emergent best practices.
• Network and share ideas with the nation’s HWB experts and informed colleagues.
• Exclusive password access to the HERO Resource Center, an online library of presentations, white papers and research that has been presented at HERO Forums, Think Tank meetings and in publications.
• Service and leadership on HERO committees (view HERO committee publications)
• “Membership in HERO puts us at the epicenter of a dynamic, evolutionary process that enhances our sophistication and credibility.”
• Post your job openings on our Job Board on the HERO website

HERO Events

“HERO brings together a highly collaborative group of innovators working together to further the cause through committees and educational events.” We host two major events: the HERO Forum and our Think Tank meetings. The Forum hosts around 500 attendees and HERO members receive a $100 discount on registration. “Think Tank meetings are semi-annual, members-only events where smaller groups of around 115 Think Tank members meet to brainstorm how to tackle current issues. In this way, HERO creates a close knit community and promotes the sharing of best practices and building relationships across the industry.”

What Our Members Say

In a 2016 survey, we asked our members about their experiences as HERO members. They said:
• 98% of respondents either have or plan on recommending HERO to an industry peer.
• 100% of respondents report being either satisfied or very satisfied with their HERO membership.
• The top two benefits that respondents rated as “extremely important” were keeping abreast of current trends and issues (76%), and HERO’s networking opportunities (54%).
• 93% of respondents have participated in one or more of HERO’s committees.

How to Become a HERO Member

Complete the Membership Application. If you need additional information or have questions, you may email us at or call 952-835-4257.

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