HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer© (HERO Scorecard)

The HERO Scorecard is designed to help organizations learn about best practices for promoting workplace health and well-being, and to discover opportunities to improve and measure progress over time.

Developed in consultation with leading authorities on population health and well-being, this industry leading tool provides you with an instant assessment of how your program stacks up to others in the national Scorecard database.

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 NACS Code Users Guide
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Average Best Practice Scores
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Scoring breakdown by Question
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Sample Benchmark Report (coming soon)
Scorecard Overview Glossary (International Version) Sample Report
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Scoring breakdown by Question
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Scorecard Completers Editable PDF of Scorecard
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Sample Report (International Version) 2016 Progress Report
Preferred Provider Overview Editable PDF of Scorecard
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2014 Progress Report
2012 Progress Report