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Chris Caramanico
CEO and President
Orthus Health

Chris Caramanico leads Orthus Health as CEO and President, responsible for strategic oversight, growth and business operations. Chris has spent over 20 years in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), space partnering with top companies like Cerner, IDX/GE and EPIC Systems.

What 2-3 metrics do you follow most closely that best capture the value proposition of your efforts in your organization?

Orthus Health’s mission is to save money for our employer and health system clients by enhancing the health of their employee population. To gauge the value we deliver, we focus on three primary metrics:

  1. Member activity engagement
  2. Impact on gaps in care – are we improving adherence to guidelines from a medical and/or pharmacy perspective?
  3. Impact on year-over-year, cohort-over-cohort PMPY cost

What is on your professional reading list that you would recommend to fellow HERO members?

As interest in corporate wellness and condition management programs grow, I find fresh perspective everywhere. I would recommend fellow HERO members read a powerful book, “Life to the Years: Living a Robust Life After Heart Disease.” The work, authored by one of Orthus Health’s medical advisors, examines a robust re-entry into life after heart disease.

I would also suggest HERO members keep pace with Modern Healthcare and BenefitsPro. Both publications provide regular updates on wellness industry innovation. Last, for fellow members of the Triangle region business community in North Carolina, I would wholeheartedly encourage regular visits to WRAL TechWire.

Thinking about the future, where do you believe the next major focus will or should be in the field of workplace health and well-being?

In addition to emerging demand for mental and behavioral health, financial wellness and musculoskeletal solutions, I think the next major focus in wellness will involve personalization. Corporate wellness and condition management programs need to evolve from one-size-fits all programs to curated tactics for each individual, aimed at driving long-term effectiveness.

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