Appreciative, in some way


What is this feeling?

Is it here to stay?




Overwhelmed, at times


Gratitude is hard

When it isn’t what you feel

on the inside


Gratitude, for what you have

Thankfulness, for what you can do

Appreciation, for what you are given

Does that ring true?


What is gratitude?


It is acknowledging your rough patches

It is standing up when you feel like staying down

It is rising to the occasion

It is swimming when you feel the urge to drown


Gratitude does not mean happiness

It does not ignore the trials

It sees the tribulations

It is persevering through another mile


Am I grateful?

That’s like asking: Are you are strong?

Yes, but strength is different

Depending on which road you are on


I am gratitude

Strength in my resilience and stride

I am gratitude

I have been challenged and tried


I stood up

I took on those attributes

I am grateful for what’s to come

I see what I have had

My thankfulness has just begun


What is gratitude?

It is a tie that binds,

We are who or what someone else is thankful for

We are the gratitude in their eyes


-Written by Crystle Helderman © 2021 for HERO

©2024 Health Enhancement Research Organization ‘HERO’


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