Understanding the Relationship between Engagement and Health & Well-Being

As a strategy consultant for Mayo Clinic, Jennifer Flynn is focused on Mayo’s mission to improve the health and well-being of individuals as well as the larger population. The question she is often faced with, though, is what comes first: healthy employees being more engaged in their work or engaged employees being healthier? In a recent […]

Wednesday Webinar with Dr. Jack Groppel

Dr. Jack Groppel from Johnson & Johnson joined Dr. Paul Terry of HERO to talk about well-being and human performance in our Wednesday Webinar series. Dr. Groppel discusses one of his papers where he considers “how an understanding of physiology can help increase employee, and then, business performance, and offer[s] inspiring lessons from the world of elite sports — lessons […]

4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards 2016

HERO is glad to make our members aware of the following award opportunity. We have been pleased to feature the winners of this award at our HERO Forum. HEROForum16 is planned for September 27-29, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. You can view more information here.  Here are details about the award: 4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards 2016 […]

Psychology in the Workplace and its Role in Wellness Programs

While we know that wellness programs are vital to employee performance and overall well-being, we are also coming to realize that perceptions of how wellness is supported by leaders can be equally influential. In a recent Wednesday Webinar with HERO, Dr. David Ballard from the American Psychological Association discussed how organizational support influences health and […]

Deconstructing Organizational Support

Authored by, Tatiana Shnaiden, M.D., Chief Analytics Officer, HealthFitness Tatiana brings over 15 years of experience in health care analytics. Prior to joining HealthFitness she served as vice president of value optimization for ActiveHealth Management, evaluating health management and clinical decision support. She holds a master’s degree in biostatistics from New York Medical College School of […]

Culture of Health Progression at Stryker Instruments

The term “culture of health,” as it relates to the workplace, has been around for some time. However, establishing that culture and driving engagement are persisting challenges. Stryker Instruments, named one of the top companies to work for by Glassdoor for the past three years, has been implementing innovative approaches and measures to establish their […]

HERO Briefs by Jessica Grossmeier (December 2015)

December can be a frenetic time of meeting year-end deadlines, preparing for winter holidays, and planning for the next year. So this month’s briefings seek to integrate balance with busy-ness by highlighting news, events, and resources that “give back” in some way. Read on about health-related movie therapy, February Think Tank plans, the gift of […]

HERO Briefs by Paul Terry (November 2015)

My November briefings share news, events and learnings that epitomize the rapidly changing landscape in workplace health promotion. We have catalogued HERO Forum15 for your continued reference and we urge you to visit HERO’s Facebook page to recall the shenanigans of your friends from around the nation. Teaser alert! These briefs also contain a preview of […]