HERO Briefs by Paul Terry (November 2015)

My November briefings share news, events and learnings that epitomize the rapidly changing landscape in workplace health promotion. We have catalogued HERO Forum15 for your continued reference and we urge you to visit HERO’s Facebook page to recall the shenanigans of your friends from around the nation. Teaser alert! These briefs also contain a preview of […]

HERO Member Profile: The Dow Chemical Company

 HERO Member Profile: The Dow Chemical Company For this issue of HERO On Health, we interviewed Cathy Baase, M.D., chief health officer with The Dow Chemical Company. Dr. Baase drives health and wellness efforts for Dow’s 53,000 employees, with direct responsibilities for all occupational health, epidemiology and health promotion staff and programs in all global […]

Life Choices and the Wonders of Advice

Decisions change lives… and the work of health promotion is steeped in the science and art of triggering and supporting choices that make lives better. It’s been said that we make about 35,000 decisions a day. Obviously, we don’t make time to ponder most choices too deeply. Should I go to work today? Should I […]

Why Health Promotion Leader Bill Baun Wants Us to “Look Through a Different Lens”

According to Teddy Roosevelt, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It’s a quote that came to mind after I called Bill Baun, Wellness Officer at MD Anderson Cancer Center and immediate Past President of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), to ask his thoughts on wellness and equity. Roosevelt’s […]

Leaders as Authors: Polarized Crowds vs. Community Clusters

In previous columns on leadership, I’ve written about management theory that views “knowledge power” over “position power” as a way to get things done with and through others. Francis Bacon’s notion that knowledge is power emanated from a leading statesman considered the father of the scientific method. He believed a more systematic application of knowledge […]