Scorecard – Plan

To help you achieve the best results with the HERO Scorecard we have provided a brief planning process for your use:

Many Scorecard participants have found that one of the key benefits of completing the Scorecard comes from bringing together health and well-being stakeholders from different departments within their organizations to discuss how best to respond to the questions. Collaborating with different stakeholders within the organization may result in more accurate Scorecard responses, enhancing the level of collaboration between health and well-being stakeholders, and identification of new opportunities for integration across programs.

To review the Scorecard questions prior to submitting your responses to the online version, you can download a PDF version and consider which individuals within your organizations would best contribute to a response. If possible, set up a meeting with this group and work through the PDF version together. If that’s not practical, ask them to fill out the relevant sections of the Scorecard and return it to you.

Once you’ve collected the responses and have a complete set of answers, you’re ready to complete the online Scorecard for your organization. (We cannot accept PDF versions of the Scorecard.) It is important to save and/or download a copy of your responses prior to leaving the online Scorecard, as you may find it useful as a reference when interpreting your score or completing the Scorecard in the future.