Scorecard – Understand Your Score

After you submit your data to the online Scorecard, you will receive a score for each of the six sections and an overall score. While the scoring system is based on a maximum number of 200 points, highest score attained on the latest benchmarking analysis was 180. This was based on completion of the US version of the Scorecard. Information will become available on the International version of the Scorecard once enough responses have been collected to develop a normative database.

We don’t anticipate that any program will ever receive the maximum score of 200; a program that includes every possible element of health and well-being program is neither likely nor probably even desirable, since not all scored elements are appropriate for all organizations! Consider your organization’s score relative to those of peer organizations or to emulator organizations.

Your individual scores provide a sense of how your program compares to others in the use of evidence-based and expert recommended best practices, and shows where opportunity for improvement exists.

You may also check your scores against the National Average and latest best practice scores.