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In support of the Think Tank Proceedings and Attridge Presentation at the HERO Think Tank Meeting: Psychological Safety at Work: What Happens When More Voices are Heard?
San Antonio, TX, February 12, 2019

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“Integration Insights” Column in Journal of Employee Assistance that describes best practices for workplace mental health from EAP perspective

Links are no-cost downloads from EAP Digital Archive at University of Maryland Baltimore

Theme: Historical Trends of EAP Integration
Title (Year) Issue: Focusing on Integration of EAP with Other Services. (2015) Q1:6-7

Theme: Work-Life
Title (Year) Issue: EAP and Work-life Services. (2015) Q2:6-7

Theme: Organizational Map Integration Model
Title (Year) Issue: EAP Partnerships Across the Health Care Segments. (2015) Q3:6-7

Theme: Large Employer Case Study
Title (Year) Issue: EAP Integration at Carpenter Technology Corp. (2015) Q4:6-7

Theme: Worksite Wellness
Title (Year) Issue: EAP Integration with Worksite Wellness Programs. (2016) Q1:6-7

Theme: Disability & Return to Work
Title (Year) Issue: EAP Integration with Disability Case Management. (2016) Q2:26-27

Theme: More Utilization If Full Service EAP
Title (Year) Issue: Implications of Pricing for EAP Integration and ROI. (2017) Q1:26-27

Theme: Behavioral Risk Management
Title (Year) Issue: EAP Integration with Behavioral Risk Management. (2017) Q3:32-33

Theme: Organizational Best Practices
Title (Year) Issue: EAPs and the HERO Best Practices Scorecard. (2018) Q1:28-29

Note: All articles written by Mark Attridge.


Employee assistance program industry organizations


EAPA – Employee Assistance Professionals Association
Information and resources are provided for each branch of the association including the United States and chapters in China, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom.

Asia & Pacific

APEAR – Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable
EAP industry member association in the Asia and Pacific region.

Canada & United States

EASNA – Employee Assistance Society of North America
Selecting and Strengthening Employee Assistance Programs: A Purchaser’s Guide. Available at:

Europe & UK

EAEF – Employee Assistance European Forum
EAP provider association serving over 20 European countries.


Organizations with workplace mental health resources available globally


HERO – Health Enhancement Research Organization
Member-based organization for leading employers and health providers. Developed the HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in collaboration with Mercer – with both US and International versions available. It also has a focus on workplace culture that includes mental health.

Mental Health International
Organization of CEO-level business and government leaders from Canada, U.S. and Europe. Highlights reports, articles, and events related to mental health issues.

Movember Foundation
Advocacy for men’s mental health and suicide prevention and a major sponsor of original applied research projects worldwide. Featured publications address mental health and suicide prevention along with prostate and testicular cancer.

World Economic Forum
Seven Actions Toward a Mentally Healthy Organisation: A Seven-Step Guide to Workplace Mental Health.

WHO – World Health Organization
A broad collection of resources focused on mental health policy, research, intervention, and education, including a resource addressing mental health in the workplace.


Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance
An alliance of businesses, unions, mental health sector, and regulators to promote mentally healthy workplaces. Training and resources for creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey reports and Building Thriving Workplaces: Guidelines and Actions.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Healthy Minds @ Work resources for employers.

Great-West Life Centre for Workplace Mental Health
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health.

Guarding Minds at Work
A Workplace Guide to Psychological Health and Safety.

Mental Health Commission of Canada
National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Europe & UK

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Mental Health in the Workplace.

European Network for Workplace Health Promotion
Mental Health Workplace Promotion Guide

OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fit Mind, Fit Job: From Evidence to Practice in Mental Health and Work

United States

Center for Organizational Excellence – American Psychological Association
Creating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Center for Workplace Mental Health – American Psychiatric Association Foundation
Right Direction (employer resource tool kit); Mental Health Works (newsletter); Making the Business Case (resources & research) Employer Case Studies

Mental Health America
Mind the Workplace – 2017 Survey

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