HERO Study Committees entered 2021 developing refreshed charters affording new opportunities to get involved! As a HERO member, one of the best ways to contribute and network is through volunteer committee work. Based on member interest and industry needs, study committees discuss, analyze and investigate topics aligned with HERO’s research priorities to produce reports, case studies, presentations and, often, peer-reviewed journal articles. Focused on providing understanding and guidance to employers, these deliverables are authored by HERO members.

Active study committees include: 

Employee Experience Committee (EEx)​ Significant evidence exists on the impact of employee health and well-being (HWB) on healthcare costs and workforce productivity, and the ability for well-designed initiatives, programs, and culture of health to improve HWB. At the same time, evidence also exists on the organizational value of positive employee experience (EEx) in meeting other HR and business objectives, and this is a growing area of focus for employers. However, HWB and EEx are often “owned” by different functions within an organization, and the bi-directional influences between HWB and EEx aren’t well established. Join us as we work to better understand EEx and explore opportunities to improve collaboration across organizational functions to positively impact health and well-being, EEx, and organizational success.

Healthy Workplaces Healthy Communities Committee (HWHC)​ To achieve healthy equity, barriers such as access and opportunities, policies and procedures, and livable wages, must be addressed so that everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to be well. Bolstering health equity requires collective action, solidarity, and universalism. As such, the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Communities Committee is steadfast in addressing not only the employer’s role in advancing health equity and social determinants of health, but also the policies and procedures that are in place that support improved health outcomes. Join us as we explore internally, what employers can do to advance health equity among employee populations by integrating DEI and well-being, and externally how employers can advance community health by supporting equitable access to resources essential to health and well-being.

Workplace Performance Committee (WP) The Workplace Performance Study Committee will continue to explore ways employers are expanding their focus of health enhancement strategy to include workplace mental health and well-being in the wake of dual pandemics. Many organizations have documented the business case and rationale for addressing mental health, but there continue to be challenges with access to affordable care, stigma, and outcomes measurement. Join us as we explore innovative solutions to addressing stigma, improved access to care, and understanding what measurements matter (on paper and in the real world!) and to which stakeholders.

For questions about joining a committee, please contact Emily.wolfe@hero-health.org

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