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HERO Summer Think Tank members playing Jenga

This week, HERO hosted members and guests in Kansas City for the Summer Think Tank on “Forging a Fresh Course for Worksite Health and Well-being.” The HERO Blog features Senior Fellow Dr. Paul Terry’s insights on whether we achieved our primary goals of updating members on the “Is State” of health promotion and how we can get to the desired “Future State.” After a full day of rumbling with the issue, we took advantage of the beautiful Kansas City summer weather for socializing on the roof of the Westin and a rousing game of Jenga. We invited attendees to submit guest blog posts highlighting their takeaways from the day, so stay tuned for those as well as a blog post from Dr. Jessica Grossmeier with more key learnings and links to materials and recordings of the presentations.

Inside the office, we have been busy, too. The HEROForum19 agenda is live! There are 3 days full of learning opportunities with 7 general session keynotes and panels, 35 breakout sessions to choose from and 4 deep-dive panels along with great networking and fun activities. See below for more information on Forum and the additional pre-Forum events.

We have also had the privilege of hosting some amazing webinars: Intrinsic motivation with Eric Zimmerman and Vic Strecher; A discussion on the recent JAMA study with Ron Goetzel, Zirui Song and Jean Abraham; Kevin Walker’s presentation on the illusion of the modern food system; Mental health with Chris Calitz and the American Heart Association, etc. If you missed them, you can find the recordings in the HERO webinar archive. Don’t miss our next webinar on July 11th: Forgiveness and Collective Well-Being: The Science behind pro-social experiences and health behavior change with Loren Toussaint, PhD, Brita Roy, MD and Carley Riley, MD. See below for more information.

Read on for all the news from HERO and we hope to see you over the summer.


HEROForum19 – Agenda Announced!


Thriving Organizations: Achieving Well-Being through Collaboration
September 10-12, 2019  | Portland, Oregon

HERO Forum19 Thriving Organizations Sept 10-12 2019

For more information and to register, visit the Forum website.

Pre-Forum Events

Please come early and join us in Portland for these Pre-Forum events!

2019 Healthcare Summit

Healthcare Leadership in Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Monday, September 9, 2019 | 7:00 am – 1:30 pm PT

2019 University Summit

Inspiring Well-Being Through Community, Social Connections and Environmental Supports
Monday, September 9, 2019 | 7:00 am – 1:30 pm PT

Get to What Matters: Tools for Powerful Conversations

Workshops with Wendy Lynch, PhD
Monday, September 9, 2019 | 8:30 am – 12:00 pm or 2:00 – 5:30 pm PT

For more information visit the Forum Website.


Resources and Readings

HERO Summer Think Tank 2019: Moving to a “Future State” will Challenge us to Better Define our Current State

Paul Terry, Senior Fellow at HERO, describes key takeaways from the HERO Summer Think Tank. Read his conclusions on the HERO Blog.


The HERO Learning Series

Forgiveness and Collective Well-Being: The Science Behind Pro-social Experiences and Health Behavior Change

Loren Toussaint, PhD, Luther College; Brita Roy, MD, Yale School of Medicine; Carley Riley, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Loren Toussaint, Brita Roy and Carley Riley

Integrative work building from psychological, medical, theological, philosophical and sociological theory and research supports the utility of forgiveness for the enhancement of health, well-being and longevity. Loren Toussaint will focus on three areas that improve an individual’s ability to incorporate forgiveness into their lives. First, he will define forgiveness and understanding of the ultimate goal that we strive for in living a forgiving life. Second, he will connect forgiveness to its primary health benefits to understand how forgiveness can confer health advantages. Third, he will review leading approaches to forgiveness education and promotion. This presentation should give a clear sense of what forgiveness is, how it can be healing in multiple settings and specific techniques for how to encourage and promote forgiveness for health. Forgiveness IS healing at biological, psychological and social levels.

We are also featuring an encore presentation on “collective well-being,” a conceptual model based on a comprehensive literature review showing the interrelationships between community health and individual health practices. In this session, Brita Roy and Carley Riley will present a literature-based model called “collective well-being” which can serve as a holistic measure of the overall “health” of a community. “Collective well-being” is a group-level construct measured across five domains: vitality, opportunity, connectedness, contribution and inspiration. They will discuss how the five domains contribute to collective well-being through actionable examples and opportunities for demonstrating how community characteristics effect well-being and how worksite wellness can play a role in improving community health.

Register here.


Aparna Niroola

Aparna Niroola
Vice President, Health Transformation

Aparna consults with Aon’s Health Transformation Team, located in Southern California. She works with middle and large market clients to design, implement and measure workplace health management programs. Her focus areas include well-being, employer-sponsored health centers and primary care strategies. Her most recent work has been developing employer solutions around financial and emotional well-being initiatives.

To read more about Aparna and her work in wellness, visit the HERO blog.

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