Emma Upton smiling and drinking an iced coffeeHi everyone! My name is Emma Upton, and I am a research intern here at HERO. I am a second semester senior at NC State University studying nutrition with a minor in sports science. I have a strong passion for helping people, which is why HERO’s mission really stuck out to me. After interviewing with Mary Imboden, I knew that this would an experience like I have never had before. I jumped right in joining team meetings and sitting in our different committee meetings. Shortly after the first health and well-being for small and midsize business meeting, Mary and I discussed the possibilities of a commentary surrounding this topic. After digging into the data, I began writing my first ever commentary. We are currently in the revision stages of this commentary and hope to have it complete in the next few weeks. The whole process is extremely tedious but also rewarding. I have learned a lot about the topic and also general commentary writing thanks to the help of Mary.

Aside from my internship I am involved in many extracurriculars. I have held two other internships during my time at NC State, and I also am a university ambassador where I lead prospective students on tours. All of these things have helped to shape me into the person I am today. I love being at the beach and spending time with friends and family. I also like to use my nutrition background to cook and try out different healthy recipes.

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