Even though the autumnal equinox is later in September, many consider Labor Day as the official end of summer. This Labor Day is the 125th anniversary of the national holiday that recognizes the importance of the American workforce to our country’s strength, prosperity and well-being—one more reason that I’m grateful to work with all of you to positively impact the health and well-being of our nation’s workforce. As we bid farewell to summer this weekend, I’m reminded of the important balance between work and rest, performance and recovery. The HERO Team have been busy as bees preparing to host you Sept. 9-12th for the Fall Think Tank and HEROForum19, but I’m hopeful that a brief respite this weekend will propel us all to finish strong and see you in Portland, Ore. (the first state to pass Labor Day legislation in 1887). While you’re enjoying downtime this weekend, or maybe on the plane to Portland, take a few minutes to catch up on some HERO-recommended reading in this month’s Briefs.

See you in Portland!

Karen Moseley


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Opportunities for Employers to Support Physical Activity Through Policy


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