We fully appreciate the thought-provoking and consciousness raising power of delivering an intensive learning experience such as we just offered September 26th through 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. There were over 500 attendees and their evaluations of HEROForum16 reflected the insights, optimism and enthusiasm typified by health promotion professionals and business leaders investing in health and well-being initiatives. It was a lot to take in, so these Proceedings are written with the goal of offering those who attended HEROForum16–and those who did not–a resource for continuous learning and improvement.

We have curated the content of these Proceedings to highlight those presentations felt to be exemplary of new and better ways to promote health, and we feature innovations we consider most sustainable in organizations. As a research organization, we also vetted our Proceedings according to the rigor of the evidence our presenters brought in support of these new ideas. We hope you find in these Proceedings the kinds of ideas and tools that will inform your strategic planning and program delivery in the years ahead.

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