What do athletes, actors, writers and health promotion researchers share in common? Well, many things, but foremost they put themselves out there in the interest of creativity, discovery and an avid search for excellence. As leaders, they sometimes need to bear the indignities of critics and armchair quarterbacks, but that’s a small price for those driven to advance ideas and transcend current approaches to promoting health and well-being nationally and globally.

Stephen Hawking said that “science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.” To honor some of health promotion’s best scientists and especially to recognize those who bring outstanding humanity to their field of inquiry, I am pleased to announce the American Journal of Health Promotion 2016 Papers of the Year.

Michael P. O’Donnell Paper of the Year

  • The Influence of Health Literacy on Reach, Retention, and Success in a Worksite Weight Loss Program, Jamie Zoellner, PhD, RD, Wen You, PhD, Fabio Almeida, PhD, et al., American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 30, 4: pp. 279-282.
  • The Relationship between Return on Investment and Quality of Study Methodology in Workplace Health Promotion Programs, Siyan Baxter, BNRN (Hons), Kristy Sanderson, BSc(Psych), PhD, Alison J. Venn, BSc (Hons), PhD, C. Leigh Blizzard, BEc (Hons), MSc, MEc, PhD, Andrew J. Palmer, BMedSci, MBBS, American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 28, 6: pp. 347-363. (Retroactive Award)

Editor in Chief’s Award: 2016 Paper of the Year

  • Making Healthy Eating Policy Practice: A Group Randomized Controlled Trial on Changes in Snack Quality, Costs, and Consumption in After-School Programs, Michael W. Beets, MEd, MPH, PhD, R. Glenn Weaver, PhD, et al., American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 30, 7: pp. 521-531.

Editor’s Picks for 2016 from the American Journal of Health Promotion

  • A Randomized Trial of Social Comparison Feedback and Financial Incentives to Increase Physical Activity, Mitesh S. Patel, MD, MBA, MS, Kevin G. Volpp, MD, PhD, Roy Rosin, MBA, et al., American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 30, 6: pp. 416-424.
  • Randomized Clinical Trial of the Women’s Lifestyle Physical Activity Program for African-American Women: 24- and 48-Week Outcomes, JoEllen Wilbur, PhD, RN, FAAN, Arlene Michaels Miller, PhD, RN, FAAN, Louis Fogg, PhD, et al., American Journal of Health Promotion,
  • Early Childhood Disadvantage for Sons of Mexican Immigrants Body Mass Index Across Ages 2–5, Elizabeth Lawrence, MA, Stefanie Mollborn, PhD, Fernando Riosmena, PhD, American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 30, 7: pp. 554-553.
  • Measuring the Processes of Change from the Transtheoretical Model for Physical Activity and Exercise in Overweight and Obese Adults, Ahmed Jerôme Romain, PhD, Paquito Bernard, PhD, Marie Hokayem, PhD, et al., American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 30, 4: pp. 272-278.
  • The Effects of Telecommuting Intensity on Employee Health, Rachel Mosher Henke, PhD,
    Richele Benevent, MS, et al., American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 30, 7.

The award criteria our journal editors considered were applied for both the study and the paper such that the:

  1. Study addresses a topic of timely importance in health promotion.
  2. Research question is clearly stated and the methodologies used are well executed.
  3. Paper is often cited and the study findings offer a unique contribution to the literature.
  4. Paper’s “So What?” section is compelling.
  5. Paper is well-written and enjoyable to read.

Congratulations to these first authors and co-authors. For scientists interested in submitting their research findings to SAGE Publishing and this Journal, see the author tab at the American Journal of Health Promotion. For questions about these Journal Awards, contact Paul E. Terry, PhD, Editor in Chief, American Journal of Health Promotion, and President and CEO of HERO, a health and well-being research organization.

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