January 17, 2018 12:00 pm Central


Guest Panelists:

Judd Allen, PhD

Mary Marzec, PhD

Richard Safeer, MD

Addressing the needs of sub-cultures is essential to fostering a culture of health. For example, something that may work great on the day shift may have little traction on the night shift. The norms and needs of machine operators may be very different from those in sales.

  • How do you identify sub-cultures?
  • How do you empower managers and champions to align programs and practices with diverse sub-cultures?
  • How will you address the needs of sub-cultures without undermining the brand and core themes of your program?

Explore these fundamental challenges and other related topics with culture experts Judd Allen, PhD, Mary Marzec, PhD, and Richard Safeer, MD.

Dr. Judd Allen, PhD is President of the Human Resources Institute, LLC, a research, publishing and consulting firm that focuses on the creation of supportive cultural environments. He earned his PhD in Community Psychology from New York University and serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Health Promotion. Dr. Allen supports over 200 health and wellness professionals in their Wellness Culture Coaching work. Dr. Allen has assisted several hundred government, business and community settings to bring about lasting and positive culture change. Dr. Allen has served on the Board of Directors of the National Wellness Institute, as a Senior Research Analyst at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and on the Vermont Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports. Dr. Allen has authored more than 50 books, journal articles, training manuals and software titles. His most recent books are Leading for Purpose, Culture Change Planner, The Social Climate Toolkit, The Cultural Analysis Toolkit, A Family Guide to Wellness, Kitchen Table Talks for Wellness, Bringing Wellness Home, Wellness Leadership and Healthy Habits, Helpful Friends. Further information about Judd’s work is available at www.healthyculture.com. Judd has completed more than 30 New York City Marathons, multiple Ironman distance triathlons and long distance cross-country ski races. He lives in Burlington, Vermont.

Dr. Mary Marzec, PhD is a Senior Researcher and Consultant with RedBrick Health. She leads the workplace culture group and contributes to outcomes research as part of RedBrick’s health strategy team. Dr. Marzec has over 12 years’ experience working with employers on population health and health risk reduction strategies. Her areas of focus are stress, and leveraging culture to improve well-being program engagement and health. Previously at the University of Michigan, Mary led the development of the Workplace Culture of Health survey, which quantifies health-contributing factors in the environment and culture. This is the core component of RedBrick’s Culture Check™. By identifying strengths and opportunities, organizations can leverage cultural factors to more effectively support the health of their populations. More information about her work and Culture Check can be found at https://home.redbrickhealth.com/health-innovation-blog/. Mary has a master’s degree in Biostatistics and a PhD in Kinesiology, both from the University of Michigan. She has received multiple awards for outstanding research and frequently presents at national conferences.

Dr. Richard Safeer, MD, FAAFP is Medical Director of Employee Health & Wellness at Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC. Dr. Safeer completed his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Cornell University before graduating from medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo (magna cum laude).  He completed his residency in Family Medicine at Franklin Square Hospital Center, in Baltimore, Maryland. After which, he completed a Faculty Development Fellowship at the Virginia Commonwealth University of Medicine in Richmond, Virginia.  He is also certified in Clinical Lipidology. Prior to arriving at Hopkins, Dr. Safeer practiced family medicine in Northern Virginia. He was then on the faculty at the George Washington University, serving as the Residency Director of Family Medicine in his last year at the institution.  He was the Medical Director of an Occupational Health Center in Baltimore and Wellness Director for the Mid-Atlantic region of the parent company, just before starting at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in Baltimore, Maryland as the Medical Director of Preventive Medicine. One of his responsibilities at Hopkins includes addressing the employee health initiative, Healthy at Hopkins.  He is also the clinical lead for the Employee Health Plan. He sees patients in the Hopkins Hospital Lipidology clinic.

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