We commend the numerous companies who are responding in innovative ways to support their local and global communities and want to applaud especially the efforts of our HERO members. Please share with us examples and anecdotes of what your organization and others are doing.

3M: Increasing production. Donating protective equipment and medical supplies. Working with humanitarian aid partners, such as Direct Relief and MAP International.

Aetna & CVS Health: Donating space for drive-through testing.

Bristol Myers Squibb: Donated money and products through the Shanghai Red Cross Society. Supported two relief partner organizations to provide personal protection items to healthcare professionals. Working with partners to ensure quick distribution of medical supplies.

Corning Incorporated: Donated lab-tested antivirus coatings to hospitals.

Google: Matching donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. Funded a team of researchers, epidemiologists and software developers who are studying trends of public health threats and outbreaks. Launching a fund to support continued learning and small businesses. Supporting public service announcements in more than 15 countries. Collaborating with CA authorities to establish testing sites and an online screening tool.

IBM Watson Health: Donating system expertise to national health agencies to reduce the time/cost of clinical trials. Providing their operational risk tool free of charge to nonprofit organizations.

Johnson & Johnson: Donated protective equipment for healthcare workers in impacted areas. Donated funds to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. Donated equipment to the Red Cross Society of China for new isolation hospitals. Provided disposable contact lenses for medical workers. Collaborating with partners around the world, including the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, to create a vaccine.

Kaiser Permanente: Launched first vaccine trial.

Prudential: Conducted survey at the first reports of the outbreak, results indicating that “Americans see employers as having a dual role to play in addressing risks associated with the virus, both in protecting their health and well-being and as trusted providers of information about the disease and resources to help manage its impact.”

Wells Fargo: Donated funds to support domestic and global response and to aid public health relief efforts, plus additional funds at the local level to address community-specific needs. Activated assistance fund for employees.

How can HERO help you?

Numerous HERO members and partners are providing support through information, resources and guidance on the multiple areas of daily life that are being impacted. If it’s helpful, we will continue to update this list as new resources are available. Please keep us posted on any that have been especially helpful to you in your work or daily living.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Employers

Financial Well-being

  • Financial well-being issue of The Art of Health Promotion (includes articles from several HERO members)

Mental Well-being

  • HERO and more than 40 other health advocacy organizations signed a letter from The Kennedy Forum to Vice President Mike Pence urging the administration to address the mental health implications of the coronavirus crisis
  • Social connection issue of The Art of Health Promotion
  • Resilience in the Workplace conducted by the American Heart Association Center for Workplace Health Research and Evaluation
  • Resource from the CDC on managing anxiety & stress during the crisis

Physical Activity

  • HERO Infographic addressing physical inactivity at work that can also be applied to telework.



Social Needs

  • HERO Report on ways that employers can address social needs of employees and the surrounding community

Virtual Learning

  • Article for any educational organization converting from in-person to virtual instruction


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