HERO members value opportunities to stay abreast of the latest thinking and best practices in the field, and look to HERO for collaboration and professional development opportunities. Read on and mark your calendar for upcoming events, The HERO Summer Think Tank and Research Meeting and the fall HERO Forum. After reviewing the line-up of speakers, we think you won’t want to miss a thing! We recently issued a last call for nominations for the HERO Workplace Health and Well-being awards and encourage you to nominate your peers to recognize their commitment and contributions to the field. Since HERO aims to be collaborative, we also highlight other industry events and recognition programs that we think you’ll want to be aware of.

HERO Summer Research Think Tank Meeting (members only event)

Advancing Systemic Approaches to Mental and Emotional Well-being – June 6-7, 2017 – Bloomington, MN

It goes without saying that health promotion practitioners are big-hearted, caring people. But is there any evidence that such attitudes can be translated into practical action? Join HERO and our special guests for a day of networking and interactive discussions from the heart.

June 6th Mental and Emotional Well-being Think Tank is open to all HERO members. Register Here.
June 7th is for HERO member researchers and guests who are focused on advancing a research agenda for HERO and the health promotion field.  Since HERO aims to be collaborative, we also highlight other industry events and recognition programs that we think you’ll want to be aware of.

The June 6 meeting includes:

  • Dr. Monica Worline, Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education on a systemic approach to creating a more compassionate workplace
  • Dr. Krystal Sexton, Shell Oil Company on developing and evaluating a culture of caring
  • Dr. Mark Linzer, Hennepin County Medical Center on systems change to address clinician burnout
  • Employer panel on integrative approaches to addressing employee mental and emotional well-being including:
    – Dr. Julia Halberg, General Mills
    – Michelle Morris, 3M
    – LaVaughn Palma-Davis, University of Michigan
    – Mark Poindexter, Shell Oil Company

June 6th Mental and Emotional Well-being Think Tank is open to all HERO members. Register Here.

June 7th is for HERO member researchers and guests who are focused on advancing a research agenda for HERO and the health promotion field.

HEROForum17 – “Engagement and the Emerging Workforce.” September 12-14, 2017 – Phoenix, AZ

In keeping with HERO’s reputation as host of a learning experience that is practical and thought-provoking as well as agenda-setting for our field, we will be offering an eclectic number of conference tracks with learning objectives that advance our theme and address other timely issues in health and well-being: diversity and workforce engagement; measures that matter; skills, motivation, autonomy; sustainability; and well-being. And, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful setting for connecting with others who share your passion for improving health.

Harvard School of Public Health’s SHINE Summit

I will be attending the Harvard School of Public Health’s SHINE Summit, in Cambridge, MA on June 13-14, 2017. SHINE (Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise), based at Harvard, is the leading network connecting business leadership with pioneering academic research to advance sustainability and well-being. Creating a Positive Future is this year’s summit theme.  Registration is now open for this year’s summit.

Call for Award Nominations – 2017 HERO Workplace Health and Well-being Awards

For the 8th consecutive year, the HERO Workplace Health & Well-Being Awards will recognize outstanding leadership and achievements as well as commitment to the field of workplace health and well-being (HWB). Nominate your peers today!

Take five minutes and submit your nominations for the 2017 awards: The Bill Whitmer Leadership Award, The Mark Dundon Research Award, The Jerry Noyce Executive Health Champion Award, and The Heart of HERO Award.

Visit the HERO website to learn about the awards and access the appropriate forms. This is our industry’s premier individual awards program. Please nominate any colleagues or associates that you feel deserve recognition by 4/30/2017.

Call for Applications – 2017 C. Everett Koop National Health Awards

The Health Project, a tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation dedicated to spotlighting private and public health programs that have measurably improved the health and well-being of individuals and their families, is currently seeking applicants for the 2017 Awards.

Awardees will be recognized at HERO’s Forum event in Phoenix, September 2017.

Learn more about the Award Requirements, Application Process, and Mission of The Health Project.

Applications Open for 5th Global Healthy Workplace Awards

Application entries are now open for 5th Global Healthy Workplace Awards 2017 (GHWAwards). The GHW Awards are hosted by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (GCHW) with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board of the Ministry of Health as host partners. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Large Enterprises, and Multi-national enterprises are invited to apply to become the world’s best employer for health and well-being.

Finalists to showcase their programs at the 5th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit on 2nd September 2017 in Singapore.

Corporate Wellness Programs: Healthy or Hokey?
Workplace wellness programs are practically universal in corporate America but what does a program that “actually moves the needle” look like? Learn about the program Dexter Shurney, HERO member, and chief medical director at Cummings is rolling out after a yearlong research effort.

Wellbeing and the Hierarchy of Employee Engagement
“In today’s always-on environment, our ability to ‘stay well’ and maintain a fit attitude and frame of mind, has a huge impact on our engagement and performance.” Learn more about the new framework for employee engagement and the role wellbeing plays in its success.

Like many HERO members, I’m constantly working my way through a stack of books and one of my favorite conversation starters is to ask people what they are reading. This past month I found myself stranded in a major airport with wonky internet access for more than 12 hours. What a terrific opportunity to catch up on my reading! I was thankful to have put the latest book that arrived in the mail into my carryon bag before leaving home. The book, “Awakening Compassion at Work” made such an impression on me that we’ll be featuring the lead author, Dr. Monica Worline, at our Summer Think Tank. She partners with her mentor, Dr. Jane Dutton, to summarize two decades of research linking organizational cultures of compassion to competitive business advantages such as innovation, collaboration, service quality, and talent attraction/retention. Moreover, they outline steps that individuals, teams, and organizations can take to build a capacity for compassion. If the readings in this issue of the Briefs leave you wanting even more mental stimulation, I highly recommend adding this book to your reading pile!





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