“What’s on the Minds of the CEOs, HR Leaders, and Employees.”

Panel Chair, Sue Willette.


At the HERO Think Tank meeting in February, 2016 in San Diego, Sue Willette, a national strategist at Aon Hewitt (and HERO Board member) hosted a town hall meeting that challenged our thinking about the gap between our aspirational visions for well-being and our the pressure that employers still feel relating to affordable employee benefits.  On Sue’s panel were Kellie McLaughlin of Graco, Stephen Doyle of UPMC, and Andrew Crighton of Prudential Financial. HERO members can view the recording of the webinar broadcast for this session in our Resource Center.

To achieve the broader value proposition that has become an accepted vision in workplace health and well-being industry, the panel reflected on whether this will continue to be ushered within the Human Resources departments. When it comes to the worries of CEOs, the panel described the imperative to innovate and grow a business and developing internal talent while continuing to pursue innovation. Willette shared Aon Hewitt survey data, as captured in the graphic below, showing that employee health and productivity issues compete alongside a complex amalgam of issues that business leaders need to reconcile.

What Keeps CEOs Up at Night

However, HR and other business leaders may have different responsibilities and therefore different concerns than their CEOs. Business leaders have to think about how to create valuable packages that will work for employees, but how can they predict what an ever-changing workforce wants?

As was discussed often during at our Think Tank roundtables, in the coming years, millennials, women and minorities will be the new workplace majorities and it’s vital that we continue to listen to the emergent values and beliefs of employees, especially when it comes to stressors and motivators. As depicted in the Aon survey results below, “employees are feeling it;” and whether it be one of these top five or a combination of several, it will be a worthy challenge for wellness strategists to track and measure how resiliency efforts are bringing value back to the organization.

Want to learn more? View the recording to hear more details and to learn more about what our Think Tank audience came up with.

Employees are feeling it


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