Gretchen BayneGretchen Bayne, Manager of Wellness Programs for Wake Forest Baptist Health

Gretchen is responsible for directing the development and implementation of the comprehensive employee wellness program, fitness centers and Arts for Health program at Wake Forest Baptist Health. The wellness program’s mission is for the Wake Forest Baptist Health employees to perform at the highest level in patient care, world-class research and top tier education, in order for this to happen, they believe employees must be at their best physically, mentally and spiritually. The wellness program assists employees in making healthy lifestyle choices, which reduce health risks and enhance their individual productivity and quality of life. Gretchen constantly develops and increases avenues to maintain high utilization of the wellness team that is comprised of Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educator, Health Coaches, Marketing and Office Support Staff. She works with various departments within the organization to provide a collaborative and comprehensive program.

What is a key focus for your health and well-being initiatives in the coming months?   

A key area of focus at this time is taking wellness to high need areas within the Medical Center. We are starting a new initiative, which allows us to send a full time staff member, called an Advocate, to specially identified units and departments within the Medical Center. The charge of the Advocate is to build relationships, help employees feel cared for and address the employee’s total well-being needs where they are in their physical state and location. Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of all employees as well as create a culture of wellness throughout the Medical Center and keep the employees well and working.

Can you share a story about a grassroots leader who is helping you advance well-being in your organization? 

Along with our CEO, many leaders support wellness within Wake Forest Baptist Health. We kicked off a program about 12 months ago called the Wellness Leadership Challenge that asked leaders to find a way within their team or department to encourage employees on their wellness journey. It has been exciting to see how many leaders have stepped up and have reported their grass roots efforts. From this, others have also stepped up and are supporting wellness through our Well-being Champion program.

What’s on your professional reading list that you’d recommend to fellow HERO members? 

I am currently reading No Ego by Cy Wakeman and Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.  The most recent team building book that I did with my staff was The 5 Languages of Appreciation by Dr. Gary Chapman.

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