October 2023 Briefs

HERO Forum23 is a wrap:

We ALL have something to learn

From Emily Wolfe, MSW, LCSW, HERO Director of Learning Experience:

HERO Forum23 is a wrap! Wow, what a fabulous week of learning! A few key takeaways and insights. There is nothing new here, yet a simple reminder: diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB); health equity; climate change and conservation; the economy; and population health and well-being are all interconnected. Read on for a few of the individuals and organizations working hard to make strides.

Thanks to Emily for sharing her insights from the sessions she attended at Forum23. We’d love to hear your insights as well. Let us know if you’ve blogged about your experience, or if you’d be interested in submitting a guest blog for HERO.

Emily also managed the pre-conference HERO Healthcare Summit on “Changing the Way We Work: Well-Being in Healthcare Workplaces, Policies, and Practices.” If you missed Forum23 or the Healthcare Summit: we can’t bottle the amazing networking and sense of community, but we can give you access to the recorded sessions. And watch for the Forum23 Proceedings next month.

We hope to see you at a HERO learning event soon. If you’re a HERO member, mark your calendars for February 26-27, 2024, for the Winter Think Tank in Nashville, TN.


The HERO Team

HERO Member Hub

The HERO Fall Think Tank recording has been added to the site.

This month’s featured topic is resilience. Here are just two of the 22 (and counting) resources available in the HERO Hub on resilience.

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Upcoming Events

Attention HERO Members:

Save the Date for Nashville in February 2024

2024 HERO Winter Think Tank

Brain Health and the Aging Workforce

February 26-27, 2024

Nashville, TN

The Baby Boomer generation makes up nearly thirty percent of the U.S. labor market, and a major transformation is afoot with about 10,000 people turning 65 each day for the next two decades. Long life spans, the need to keep socially active, and financial considerations are personal reasons for delaying retirement. Related to this, two out of three workers over the age of 45 say they have seen or experienced age discrimination, and the perception of age discrimination is much higher for women.

With an aging workforce comes greater sensitivity to the role of brain health in employee performance. HERO Senior Fellow Paul Terry has designed this Think Tank to explore the role of employers in supporting the lifestyle factors like sleep, diet, stress management, social connections, and physical activity that impact emotional well-being and cognitive functioning. We will review the evidence on the impact of mental health support, cognitive training programs such as memory games and problem-solving tasks, and the role of mindfulness exercises and flexible work arrangements that empower employees to improve self-care of brain health. We will examine common forms of ageism experienced by workers.

In our usual Think Tank fashion, we will plan structured times for HERO members to share their stories about their efforts to organize health and well-being initiatives responsive to the needs of their older associates.

Stay Tuned for more details on agenda and hotel.

Think Tank Meetings

HERO Membership

HERO Learning Series

Watch for these upcoming webinars in November!

C. Everett Koop National Health Awards Winners

Learn how the 2023 recipients did it. Hear their stories, including obstacles and best pratices.

Amy B. Locke, MD, FAAFP, Chief Wellness Officer, University of Utah

Hear about the University of Utah’s Resiliency Workgroup, created in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, and its effect on the employees of the university.

While you are waiting for these webinars, be sure to check out our webinar archive.

Webinar Archive

HERO Committees

HERO Workforce Mental Health & Well-being Committee Case Study Video Series

Did you know that as part of HERO’s focus on workforce mental health & well-being (WMHWB), the WMHWB Committee conducted four video interviews with employers to learn about lessons learned and their efforts to advance mental health? Interviews were conducted withAndersen Construction, American Heart Association, Metro Nashville Public Schools, and Shell USA, Inc. Individual employer interviews are available through the HERO Hub. We also created a highlights reel, Workplace Mental Health Best Practices: Employer Interview Highlights, sharing clips of best practice examples aligned with our previous report, Employee Mental Health and Well-being: Emerging Best Practices and Case Study Examples.

Note: The highlights video is available to the public (please share with your network!), while the full individual video interviews are available to HERO members only via the HERO Hub.

HERO Recommends

Before You Go...

The Most Influential Women Leaders in Health Promotion

This July 2023 editorial featured 13 female leaders working in health promotion.HERO President & CEO Karen Moseley was among those listed. HERO Board Chair Joni Troester wrote:

As the executive leader of HERO, Karen regularly engages with CEO’s and CMO’s influencing policy, culture and delivery systems within these organizations. Through Karen’s leadership, HERO continues to support a robust research agenda and drive innovation… Karen truly leads by example. She is authentic and collaborative in her style, while maintaining a focus on organizational objectives and goals that influence and advance health, well-being, and equity.

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