HERO Committees Publications

Click below on the recent HERO Publications.

  1. Biometric Screenings Committee
    1.1 Biometric Health Screening for Employers

  2.  Culture of Health Committee
    2.1 Defining a Culture of Health: Key Elements that Influence Employee Health and Well-Being
    2.2 Culture of Health Case Study: Hennepin County
    2.3 Culture of Health Case Study: Interactive Health
    2.4 Culture of Health Case Study: Stanford University
    2.5 Culture of Health Case Study: University of Michigan

  3. Employer-Community Collaboration Study Committee
    3.1 Environmental Scan: Role of Corporate America in Community Health & Wellness
    3.2 Phase II: Developing the Business Case – World Café Results – Role of Corporate America in Community Health and Wellness
    3.3 Environmental Scan Measuring a Culture of Health
    3.4 Culture of Health Measures Phase II Report: Identifying Measures
    3.5 Developing Culture of Health Metrics That Really Matter to Companies and Communities: Final Report”

  4. Health, Performance & Productivity Committee
    4.1 HPP Business Leader Survey Report – Full Final Report
    4.2 HPP Business Leader Survey Report – Executive Summary with Case Studies
    4.3 HERO Business Leaders Infographic

    4.4 Wearables in Wellness Report – Full Final Report
    4.5 Wearables in Wellness Report – Executive Summary
    4.6 HERO Wearables Infogr
    4.7 HERO Wearables Case Study Report

  5. Incentives Committee
    5.1 Outcomes-Based Incentives: Joint Consensus Statement
    (Joint Incentives Committee, HERO, ACOEM, American Cancer Society, American Cancer Network, American Diabetes Association)

  6. Measurement Standards Committee
    6.1 Program Measurement & Evaluation Guide:  Executive Summary
    (HERO / Population Health Alliance (PHA)
    6.2 Program Measurement & Evaluation Guide:  Overview
    (HERO / Population Health Alliance (PHA)
    6.3 Program Measurement & Evaluation Guide: Full Report
    (HERO / Population Health Alliance (PHA)